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Bedworth United Football Club - Shop & Raise

Shop& Raise - How it works and How you can help.

Read on for How it Works.....

In June 2015 Bedworth United AFC Ltd joined forces with Perfiliate Technologies Ltd, to offer our friends & supporters access to literally thousands of ‘internet-only’ bargains from many of the UK’s leading brands.

With household names like Marks & Spencer, Barclays Bank, The Carphone Warehouse & Play.com all making their online offers available to us we’ve got everything you are looking for. For each item purchased via our online store, the company selling the item (Carphone Warehouse etc) make a donation to the fundraising efforts of BUFC in the form of a small commission.

So how does it work?

Let’s say you are looking to buy a CD, DVD or a new Playstation game. You might go to a high street store and pay the recommended retail price (RRP). You might however play it clever and go to a supermarket and save a couple of pounds. If you’ve come into the digital age, the chances are you have if you’re regularly coming to our website, you might be that bit smarter still and buy it online, saving a few more pounds. You might even do this via the interactive shops on Sky TV. & Cable. This is where BUFC Click ‘n Raise comes in.

Instead of going directly to the online retailer’s website, lets say Play.com, you click onto our site first and then pick Play.com from the list of online shops displayed. You then carry on as normal through the process of buying the CD, pay the price as advertised on Play.com, sit back and wait for it to pop through the letter box the next day. The delivery is even free. So the CD has cost you 8.95 (the usual price for new single album releases on Play.com) and you’ve saved at least 1.00 on the best supermarket price and up to 7.00 on the high street price. On Play.com and other music & DVD retailers listed on our site you can even order in advance of the CD or DVD being released on sale, so it arrives on the day it is released.

So, how does BUFC raise any funds? Well, just by clicking on our shop first and selecting your preferred online retailer, the online retailer pays a commission to BUFC for each completed sale. Play.com for example pay 2% commission on each sale. So on an 8.95 CD for example, the BUFC would receive just under 18p. Not a lot of money you’ll agree. But for every 10 CD’s sold it’s 1.80 and so on up the scale. Over a season this could add up.

And that just CD’s, DVD’s & Games. The retailers listed cover everything you can think of, from Carphone Warehouse for bargain mobile phone deals, Thompson Holidays for cheap flights for stag weekends and lads trips to Ibiza, Norwich Union for cheap discounted car insurance, BT, NTL & Virgin all for broadband cheaper then you’re paying now.....the list goes on and on.

So what’s the catch?

There isn’t one, really! You pay the price you want to pay for the goods or services you want. Not a penny more. They then pay us for introducing you to their online store!

Why do the companies do it?

All of the big national companies spend millions of pounds a year on advertising and promotions. From TV & Radio to newspapers and online adverts. Effectively what we are doing is some of that advertising for them. In return we get a very small slice of their advertising budget. These big household names support this service because it is designed to benefit small charities and organisations who rely on donations and sponsorships to survive.

Is my personal information safe?

Yes. Absolutely. The transaction for whatever you buy is between you and the online retailer, just as if you had gone directly to their site straight away. Neither BUFC or Perfiliate Technologies Ltd. collect any information on individual transactions at all. The only info we collect is the total amount of sales done through the site, and that is sent from the individual companies as a bottom line figure, so we do not know what in particular has been sold and to whom. The individual online retailer sends the goods directly to you and none of your consumer rights are affected in any way. So if you buy a flat pack wall unit from MFI , for example, and there’s a screw missing you can still contact MFI directly and demand they send one out to you! Other than clicking onto our site first before you go shopping online you have absolutely no other involvement from BUFC. It’s as easy as that.

So how much will BUFC make?

Unfortunately not enough to rival Chelsea in the race for the next big signing! We expect that if the service gets well used we might make 20 - 30 a month initially and then perhaps 50 a month if all goes well. The commissions are paid in a single cheque every month, made payable to Bedworth United AFC Ltd. This is paid directly into the club’s account. In accordance with both league & FA regulations we compile full, transparent accounts every season and publish them to the regulatory bodies. The revenues from this scheme will be published in detail there.

What will the club do with any funds raised?

All monies that come in during a season go out to pay for the running of the club and it’s numerous teams, as well as Away Day travel and top quality training equipment. To make sure any profits from the website go towards the whole club, not just one team, the funds raised through this scheme will be collected together and will be put towards new kits & training wear for all teams.

BUFC, nor any individual at the club ,has received any payment up front or any other payment, benefit-in-kind or any other inducement to join this partnership. It is purely an extra service offered to visitors of our site and no visitor should feel obliged to use the service or purchase any of the products or services advertised.

In particular, those services offering credit on any terms should be taken as just one offer in the market place, and the terms & conditions - including details of repayment schedules - should be read and understood before any transaction is completed. If in doubt, don’t do it. Talk instead in person to someone who can answer your questions.

O.K. - So is this really for me?

If you shop online, either regularly or occasionally, and you would like to further support BUFC and it’s work with teams of all age groups and abilities, then the answer is yes. It costs you nothing and helps divert some of the huge profits these big companies make to a worthy cause.

If however, you do not shop online then this is not for you. We also do not intend for you to purchase anything you were not going to do already. So we don’t want or expect you to spend any more money than you were already committed to spending.

I don’t shop online, but I’d still like to help!

Listed in the A to Z of the online store is a consumer survey service. This company carries out online surveys for some of the largest companies in the UK. For every survey completed BUFC will receive 1.50 in commission. They take only a few minutes to complete, you are not obliged to enter any personal & private information and you will not receive endless spam emails after you complete the form. So if you use our website regularly and would like contribute then fill out one of these surveys for us. If 10 people do 1 a week for us, then that’s 60 a month. It all adds up. If just one or two people do it, it can still be another fiver in the pot for the club.

Alternatively, just spread the word for us. Tell you friends and family about the service. You never know, they might like to help!

Right then, how do I start?

Just click the " Buy At " banner at the top of the page and you’ll be redirected to our online store. That’s all it takes, just click and raise funds for BUFC !!

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